How to fix error 0x8000ffff

Error 0x8000ffff is a common error that may appear when a user downloads and installs Windows Updates, performing a system restoration or installing an application with the help of InstallShield. Commonly, it is caused by a failure to reach the required driver or settings of Windows Update Center.

How to fix svchost.exe issue with high CPU usage

The name ‘svchost’ stands for ‘Service Host’, and as it suggests, svchost.exe is a system process responsible for operating and managing Windows processes. Being so important for, scvhost.exe runs on the background all the time, but sometimes it has negative consequences, as many duplicates of the process appear in Task Manager, and each of them may consume a great amount of resources, even when there are not so many programs launched.

How to fix ‘Windows cannot find javaw.exe’ error

The javaw.exe process is a process responsible for proper performance of many programs and tasks - for example, it is used for ensuring the operation of web security and the applications based on Java. However the javaw.exe process is not crucial for system work as a whole, it is still very important, since many applications refer to it, and the problems with the process may cause the inability to run them.

How to fix ‘Windows cannot find wuapp.exe’ error

We wouldn’t like to stress the importance of getting the available Windows updates and keeping your system up-to date, since it is clearly improves main performance and furthers safety of your computer. But sometimes users have to overcome major obstacles before getting their updates, which is especially true for Windows 10 users, as there are still many unsolved upgrade issues.

How to fix ‘System Thread Exception not Handled’ error

‘System Thread Exception not Handled’ error, or error 0X0000007E, is the error of the group of so-called Blue screen errors. It marks that one of exceptions of a system thread couldn’t be caught in the OS. Simply put, the message indicates a hardware problem. The error occurs during system startups and can appear after each restart looping the rebooting process. The error is experienced by Windows 8 and Windows 10 users, who’ve upgraded their systems recently.

How to fix Windows 10 ‘Something happened’ error

It’s been a while since the release of Windows 10, but the system still doesn’t seem fully developed. Now and then new threads about glitches in the OS appear: from inability to upgrade to problems arising during the use of Windows 10. One of the most frequent errors that users had to face is Something Happened error. This less informative error is frustrating not only it emerges at the very end of upgrade process meaning that the great amount of time required for upgrade was spent in vain, but because it says nothing about the reasons of it.

How to fix msvcr80.dll not found

msvcr80.dll is a file belonging to Microsoft C Runtime Library, and is essential for the programs developed within Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. You may receive on of these messages while running or launching any program written with the use of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, or simply with the start of system. In particular, recently there were many forum topics and questions by the users who encountered the problem when using iTunes application. Fortunately, mostly the error text contains a designation of a program that has issues with msvcr80.dll

How to fix error code 10 (This device cannot start)

The error ‘The device cannot start (Code 10)’ is an error related to Device Manager issues. This is important to know, because if you receive an error with code 10 in the situation which doesn’t involve devices’ operating, then it is another error which couldn’t be fixed with the instructions of this article. The error may be received after or when you update software, installing drivers, or try to interact with the accessible devices. Sometimes drivers add its identifier to the registry value, and when the error occurs it will have a specified message text that would help you to determine what device causes problems.