How to fix second monitor not working in Monterey 12.4

second monitor not working monterey 12.4

Currently, the newest macOS version is macOS Monterey 12.4, which released on 16th of May 2022. Though the changelog released by Apple is incredibly short, the update brought many important security fixes to the operating system. That said, if you haven’t updated to 12.4, you might want to wait a bit longer, because it also introduced a pretty serious bug. It only concerns those that use more than one monitor, though, so if you’re only using a single one – feel free to update. And for those unfortunate users who have already updated and are now experiencing issues with their second monitor not working in Monterey 12.4, we have prepared this article. Read below for more information on the bug and on how to fix it.

How to remove PublicConsoleSearch from Mac

What is PublicConsoleSearch?

PublicConsoleSearch is an ad-type malware created by computer scammers for Mac. This virus affects Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and changes their settings. There are many similar malware such as Websearchupgrade, Validboost, Globalsearchsystem that also work in the same script: infiltrating, then forcibly changing Safari preferences and displaying pop-ups to force you to click deliberately or inadvertently. Clicks are beneficial to fraudsters, however, they degrade the performance of Mac system, because when you click on the pop-up window, virus will fill your system with a huge number of different ads (pop-ups, videos, audio ads, coupons) and they will overload your computer. To rid Mac of pests, use the instructions below. It is effective and safe. read more

How to remove WebSearchUpgrade adware from Mac

What is WebSearchUpgrade?

WebSearchUpgrade is a fake search engine that changes Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox settings without the user’s knowledge. Virus acts in the same way as all adware applications. To hide their suspicions, scammers designed WebSearchUpgrade in the form of a minimalistic page that gives impression of a harmless search engine. However, if, without your consent, search engine has changed, and pop-ups are displayed, overlapping the necessary information on the screen, then your Mac is attacked by virus. read more

How to remove ValidBoost from Mac

remove validboost from mac

What is ValidBoost?

ValidBoost is a type of malicious adware for Mac that infiltrates victim`s devices along with free programs. Once installed, it forcibly changes browser settings so that users visit certain sites promoted by virus. ValidBoost is called an adware because after penetration, it displays a lot of pop-ups and unwanted redirects so that users accidentally or intentionally click on ads, for which developers of ValidBoost received income.

If you want to remove ValidBoost from Mac and keep your device free of infections, you can do it safely and effectively by following the instructions below. read more

How to remove GlobalSearchSystem adware from Mac

What is GlobalSearchSystem?

If your Mac suddenly starts showing a large number of ads, and when you enter the desired request, you are transferred to the wrong place, then your Mac is infected with an ad virus. GlobalSearchSystem is a type of malicious application that infiltrates devices along with free software. GlobalSearchSystem is called an adware because it infects Mac by means of pop-up advertisements, banners, coupons, waiting for clicks. Scammers earn income from clicks on their ads, however, victims get slower device performance. Once installed, virus modifies the browser and system configuration so that users can only visit the pages promoted by GlobalSearchSystem. read more

How to remove SearchBrowserSky from Mac

What is SearchBrowserSky?

SearchBrowserSky is a rogue Mac app. This virus is a type of adware malware. Despite the fact that virus positions itself as a safe program, it is considered dangerous for Mac, because it gets on user`s computers without their consent, in a covert manner with the aim of infecting. Once launched, SearchBrowserSky scans the system and attacks the computer screen with intrusive pop-up advertisements that can report numerous errors in the system. This is done so that redirects to unwanted programs are made with the help of inadvertent or special clicks.
SearchBrowserSky has the ability to change settings in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In addition to annoying pop-ups and fake alerts, SearchBrowserSky reduces system activity due to the introduction of a large number of advertisements. There is no need to waste money and time on such useless programs.
♦Victims complained that the MacBook became slow and intermittently displayed an error stating that the user was out of application memory. And this is indeed the case, because a process was found in the activity monitor of victims that used more than 2 GB of memory.♦ read more

How to remove SimpleSignSearch from Mac

remove simplesignsearc from mac

What is SimpleSignSearch?

SimpleSignSearch is an unwanted website that was created by scammers to illegally infect Mac. SimpleSignSearch enters the system and makes changes in the browser settings in order to control the activities on the Internet. SimpleSignSearch is an adware, so the main method of infection is through an ad attack. If you want to know information about similar pests, you can read about,, Deskproduct.
SimpleSignSearch hijacks Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and spam them with pop-up ads and redirects using a pay-per-click pop-up marketing scheme. Clicks generate income for fraudsters. We recommend removing virus as early as possible to avoid further infection. read more

How to remove DeskProduct from Mac

What is DeskProduct?

DeskProduct is an adware-type malware that affects the performance of your computer. From the moment the virus enters the system, it starts displaying irrelevant search results. It means that when you want to enter a query in a search engine, you will immediately be sent to another page promoted by virus. Adware is a common type of virus (see also Advancedsprint , Unithandler, Portalagent) because it has the ability to sneak into the Mac by combining it with other freeware programs. When users download some free application they need, the virus sneaks in too, but victims don’t know about it. read more

How to remove ConfigType adware from Mac

What is ConfigType?

If your browser suddenly starts attacking your Mac’s screen with a lot of pop-up windows, then your Mac is infected with ConfigType adware. Computer fraudsters create these types of malware for covert infection. Like many programs of this type (Rotatorbox , Formatboost, Standboost), ConfigType penetrates devices along with free programs, this is called the bundling method. Once installed, virus changes browser settings so that users can visit certain websites promoted by the virus. Because of this, there may be occasional downloads of applications, decreased activity and work overhead. read more

How to remove StandartProduct from Mac

What is StandartProduct?

StandartProduct is software designed to infect Mac. This virus enters the system by bundling (attaching to free applications in order to enter the system together). Users will not be aware of the presence of the virus until the changes in work begin. Endless advertising starts showing in the form of pop-ups, polls, banners. Ads cover unnecessary information on the screen, so victims accidentally click on notifications. Further, they go to unnecessary pages without their own desire. This is for the promotion of viral programs. Scammers benefit from your clicks. read more