How to remove Windows Troubleshooting scam

Windows Troubleshooting scam is a virus that crashes your operational system, showing a fake Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It causes the system reboot, after which it displays a lock screen. Some users believe that the system encountered a serious error. The alert looks real, as it copies the layout of the real BSoD, hides the mouse cursor and blocks the Task Manager

How to remove ‘Your Computer May Be At Risk’ message

Usually users who encounter the Your Computer May Be At Risk message get puzzled and frightened because these pop-ups look genuine, as if victim’s devices are really infected with a dangerous virus. However you should understand that system alerts don’t simply emerge in a browser window. So, if messages like that appear on a web page, it is likely an indication that your system is infected with a malware.


A pop-ups window stating ‘Your Computer has been Blocked’ an be a shock for users who haven’t recently faced this type of scam. The alert blocks the screen stating that your system is under attack of a virus or a malware, which steals personal data including social network logins, bank account information, and has access to your email. The pop-up emphasizes the gravity of the situation and urges the user to take measures forthwith.