How to remove is identified as a malicious website that engages in aggressive push notification spam and browser hijacking activities. It tricks users into enabling push notifications under false pretenses, such as verifying age or confirming that the user is not a robot. Once permission is granted, it bombards the user with intrusive spam advertisements, even when the browser is closed. This site operates by exploiting several tactics to infect users and propagate unwanted content, including compromised advertising networks, malvertising campaigns, social engineering tricks, software bundling, spam emails, and affiliate networks. The primary objective of is to alter browser settings without the user's consent, leading to unwanted changes in the default search engine, homepage, and new tab settings. These modifications can redirect users to questionable websites, display excessive advertisements, and potentially expose them to phishing or other online threats. It is considered a potentially unwanted software that can compromise the security of a system. To remove and its effects, users are advised to follow specific removal guides that involve checking browser extensions, altering browser settings, and using malware removal tools. It's also recommended to block browser notifications and use ad-blocking extensions like AdGuard to prevent similar attacks in the future.

How to remove pop-ups are a type of advertisement that appears on your screen without your consent. These pop-ups can show up on different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and can appear on any device, including Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. The pop-ups usually contain ads for various products and services, including online games, surveys, and shopping deals. While pop-ups may seem harmless, they can pose a significant threat to your device and personal information. Clicking on these pop-ups can lead you to unknown websites that may contain malware and viruses. These can harm your device, steal your personal information, and even cause financial loss. In addition, some of these pop-ups may ask you to provide personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number, which can be used for malicious purposes.

How to protect browser from malware

delete malware virus

It is no secret that the most frequently used programs on a computer/laptop are different browsers. Through them, the user has access to the Internet, receives, distributes, and sends information to other users. Therefore, viruses have appeared that only target browsers, without affecting other programs. Antivirus programs often do not detect such viruses; meanwhile, the user gets a lot of advertising because of them, pop-up banners, redirects to other sites, and besides the operating system slows down. These and other problems associated with browser viruses can be fixed by clearing Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Edge, IE and other browsers. Let’s take a look at what a virus is in browsers, how to remove malware safely and effectively. read more

How to remove CryptConsole Ransomware and decrypt files

A CryptConsole is a virus, classified as a "fake ransomware". It has a medium damage level for user data on PC. The malicious program, also called file encryptor inserts into filenames a random extension. First of all, a virus targets files with JPG, DOC, MP3 extensions and also databases. After infiltrating, it seems like files were coded. Besides, virus creates help.txt file, where cybercriminal requires money. Don't worry, in fact a virus only changes extensions, it does not encrypt files. Of course, we urged you not to pay to "lazy cybercriminals", because it can increase a number of new real PC threats, that someone can met in future.

How to remove JS:Miner-C

JS:Miner-C is a new coin mining virus, which can hidden use your machine for bitcoin mining. After installation a virus starts to download a extension file from the remote server, which start a process of mining without users permission. JS:Miner-C can use more than 65% of users CPU’s memory and more than 70% resources of graphics card. As result machine become very slowly and it is impossible to use it for simple operations. Also hardware can rich very high temperatures, so virus may damage your system. For preventing any loses you should to remove JS:Miner-C from your PC