How to remove PDFConverterHQ Toolbar

PDFConverterHQ Toolbar is presented as a tool that can convert .doc files to .pdf in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Safari. However instead a useful options it brings only problems to the user who installed it. The browser extension not only adds the toolbar to a browser, but also changes its settings. This includes another homepage, which becomes an unknown and malware search domain. Besides, a victim of the malware may notice a high amount of ads that will start to appear on every visited page. Both advertisement and newly set search engine has the same purpose - to redirect a user on a partner source.

How to remove hijacker

What is

If you see a PlayBar toolbar or a in your web browser, it is should be a reason for you to expect a malware infection on your system. Though the infection comes in different forms, they have one method of operation. Usually it appears in a browser under the guise of a browser extension/add-on and then alters its settings. Consequently, a proper work in this browser would be almost impossible, as constant redirections will interrupt user’s actions. Besides, a threat installs its page as the main one alongside with it blocking other search domains forcing you to use only page. This search engine will offer masked to your queries links to unwanted sited. In order to not fall a victim of the hijacker’s malicious actions we suggest that you need to remove redirection virus. read more

How to remove MacBar Adware (Mac)

According to the official website, MacBar application is a handy tool for improving Internet search process and browsing experience, in a whole. Though the information sounds promising, after using MacBar for a while, it becomes clear that the program is an adware. After its installation you may see pop-ups and banners with offers from online stores, however we wouldn’t recommend believing in it.

How to remove DocToPDF Toolbar

DocToPDF Toolbar is a tool that is compatible with many browsers. This application, according to its description, should convert .doc files to .pdf, however instead it brings only headache to the user who installed it. The browser extension not only adds the toolbar to a browser, but also alters its settings. This includes changing the main page, which becomes an unpopular and dubious search domain.

How to remove Fast Email Checker

People who have several email accounts may find Fast Email Checker a useful tool for managing them all. And that is exactly what the developers of the application are aiming for - to make a positive impression of their product on people. By doing this they make people believe that they are installing a handy utility while in reality it is an adware. Having Fast Email Checker on your computer means constantly seeing in-browser advertisements of all forms and content.

How to remove EasyDocMerge toolbar

EasyDocMerge toolbar is a malware that was developed to popularize certain sites and thus bring money to its creators. The disguise that toolbar has allows it to deceive users, as it offers to manage PDF files. However, in place of providing options of merging several files into one PDF the application delivers ads to all your browser, the amount of which is able to ruin any browsing experience.

How to remove Mindspark toolbars

Mindspark toolbars is the collective name for dozens toolbars developed by Mindspark. No matter which one or ones you got, you should know that it’s a bad idea to leave them, as this will have negative consequences for your PC. All toolbars look similar and possess same features - they embed into browsers and include several quick access buttons and an Ask search bar.

How to remove Web Bar

Web Bar is a malware that simulates a toolbar that is added to the top of your desktop. The toolbar is not only bulky, it also stays on the top of any window you open. The toolbar consists of a search bar allowing to perform search in Bing, and several quick-access buttons.

How to remove Delta Search Hijacker and Toolbar

Delta Search is a browser add-on that affects browser settings by installing a toolbar and changing the main page. While it may look as an innocuous expanding of search functions, we recommend neither using a toolbar, nor performing a search on the page, as they both are parts of the Delta hijacker. And hijackers usually amend search results in order to promote third-party sites and services.