How to remove IdleBuddy PUP

What is IdleBuddy?

IdleBuddy is a potentially unwanted program which can infiltrate a user’s computer without consent. Using the virus, cybercriminals exploit a victim’s computer for cryptocurrency mining. Since mining is a resource-intensive process, the virus, which runs in the background, severely overloads CPU, causing the computer to freeze. Under high load, hardware can rich very high temperatures, so the virus may damage your system. If you noticed that your system runs very slowly and some running unverified process is taking up a large number of resources, that is very likely that your PC is infected with coin mining virus. In this case, you should proceed to remove IdleBuddy PUP as soon as possible. read more

How to remove 1 Click PDF from Mac

What is 1 Click PDF?

1 Click PDF is a misleading browser extension that may change browser’s settings without users’ permission. It’s promoted as a handy tool allowing to convert PDF files directly in the browser, however, in addition to this, it injects advertising into the browser so the user will be forced to see numerous pop-up ads each time he surfs the Internet. It also may replace your primary search engine that targets sponsored links. The only way to stop this activity is to remove 1 Click PDF from Mac. To do this, you may follow our step-by-step guide. read more

How to remove JS:Miner-C

JS:Miner-C is a new coin mining virus, which can hidden use your machine for bitcoin mining. After installation a virus starts to download a extension file from the remote server, which start a process of mining without users permission. JS:Miner-C can use more than 65% of users CPU’s memory and more than 70% resources of graphics card. As result machine become very slowly and it is impossible to use it for simple operations. Also hardware can rich very high temperatures, so virus may damage your system. For preventing any loses you should to remove JS:Miner-C from your PC