How to uninstall System Healer

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System Healer is promoted as a PC optimizing tool that has no match among the programs of the same kind. Despite these big words, the legitimate look of the official site and the interface that doesn’t arouse suspicions, System Healer is labeled as Potentially Unwanted Program and a rogue software. By being so, System Healer imitates functions and operating of a real application - it scans registry entries, looks for error in PC performance, check the privacy security, etc.

How to uninstall Chromium

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Chromium browser is a threat that uses its resemblance to Google Chrome to trick people. Chromium takes after the interface as well as as settings of genuine Chrome installed on your computer - all this is done for user to mistake the fake browser for Google Chrome. Though there are mixed reviews on the product on the web, mostly users who tried out the browser advise to remove Chromium.

How to remove Windows Prime Shield

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Windows Prime Shield application belongs to the family of rogue programs developed by FakeVimes. Such applications have the form of trustworthy antimalware programs that will protect your system, meanwhile being themselves a malware that doesn’t have any of the stated capabilities. However, Windows Prime Shield imitates the security activities quite well. From the moment it is installed and until it is eliminated, the application will launch virus scans automatically with every system reboot. And no matter what you do or how clean your PC is, it would give you alerts about viruses

How to uninstall SpeedMaxPC

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SpeedMaxPC is a program that can be easily mistaken for a registry cleaner and an optimization tool, however it can be without exaggeration classified as a rogue application, which means it should be dealt with correspondingly. As the promotional campaign says SpeedMaxPC is developed to grant its users all tools needed for fixing system errors and boosting the system speed. The interface of SpeedMaxPC is also thought out to look like a GUI of a legitimate program, however that’s where the resemblance comes to an end. Unfortunately, the words of SpeedMaxPC developers are empty and the program is not capable of solving any of the system problems, on the contrary, the application add headache to its user.

How to remove AdProtect

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AdProtect is a program that claims to operate as an anti-spyware, though on further investigation it appears to be a rogue application. It get installed on systems bypassing the defenses and acts as a reliable tool. At least, at the start. The tool itself initiates a fake malware scan, which unfailingly ends in a number of security alerts. These notifications are generated and have nothing in common with real situation - AdProtect detects system problems and malware issues even on new machines. The developers of AdProtect suppose to scare users and persuade them to buy a full version of the application, so that the problems could be solved.