How to remove Mac Optimizer

Mac Optimizer is a rogue software claiming to improve computer’s performance and clean up your Mac from junk. This app only pretends to detect errors that probably don’t even exist, moreover, to fix the ones user will have to buy a license. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to use Mac Optimizer, as it’s a useless program that does literally nothing.

How to remove Advanced Mac Cleaner from Macbook

Advanced Mac Cleaner is a bogus software designed to trick users into paying for literally nothing. The workflow of the app is simple enough – once launched, it starts to scan your system which results in displaying errors, threats and other issues affecting the system’s performance. To eliminate all detected problems, a user is encouraged to purchase the paid version of Advanced Mac Cleaner.

How to remove Mac Cleanup Pro

Mac Cleanup Pro is a deceptive application claiming to boost up a performance of your computer. The first thing that should alert you is a distribution method. Mac Cleanup Pro comes bundled with other software and is installed automatically if a user doesn’t decline optional Mac Cleanup Pro offered by download client.

How to remove MM Unzip

MM Unzip is a sneaky application for Mac computers, which, along with declared functions, takes advantage of users’ computers for advertising puproses. It mostly penetrates system bundled with other freeware that user may have downloaded from Internet so MM Unzip was hardly installed by user on purpose. After installation, it hijacks web-browsers to display various pop-up advertisements and cause redirections to force users to visit certain sites.

How to remove Mac Heal Pro

Mac Heal Pro is a potentially unwanted program which is distributed via malvertising: some ads may redirect the user to scam page stating that your Mac is infected with viruses or your anti-malware program is out-of-date. To solve this problem, you’re offered to download Mac Heal Pro. This application, in turn, scans the system and then prompts users to buy a license key to remove allegedly detected errors, malware, junk and privacy issues.

How to remove Safe Cleaner for Mac

Safe Cleaner for Mac is yet another junk software that you need to remove without thinking. The thing is it was designed to convince the user that his device has a lot of errors reducing its performance. There’re too many similar programs (Mac Tonic, Mac Keeper, Mac Ads Cleaner) and all of them operate in the same way: at first, it finds out any bugs in the system which can be fixed only after purchasing the paid version.

How to remove Advanced Mac Tuneup

Advanced Mac Tuneup is a fake optimization tool similar to Mac Tonic, Mac Keeper, Secure Mac Tuneup. In fact, they are all useless and focused on inexperienced users. The workflow of all above-mentioned programs is the same: at first, it finds out critical system errors allegedly affects a system’s performance and then imposes paid services to fix them.

How to remove Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is a fraudulent software which is designed to trick users into paying for imposed services. The scheme of the program’s work is simple enough – it encourages people to purchase the license by showing a lot of system issues allegedly detected on the system. Actually, this program just simulates the search process and most probably your system is clean.

How to remove Mac Auto Fixer

Mac Auto Fixer is a bogus application that shows fabricated issues allegedly detected on your system. That’s why having it on the computer is not reasonable and you should remove Mac Auto Fixer right away. Though you hardly installed it of your own free will, most probably, it got on a computer along with fake Adobe Flash updates in form of optional offer.

How to remove Mac File Opener

Mac File Opener is presented as a useful application allowing to open various file types that Mac doesn't support by default. Actually, it's PUP developed by infamous PCVark that has also released many similar rogue programs including Mac Tonic, Disk Cleanup Pro, Mac Space Reviver, Duplicates Cleaner, eSecure, Disk Reviver and so on. Like other potentially unwanted programs, Mac File Opener is distributed in conjunction with dubious applications. Users may be asked to install search toolbars or adware programs during installation.