How to remove Iminent Toolbar

Iminent toolbar is a malicious browser application that should be avoided. It acts as a browser hijacker causing typical for this kind of threat alterations in browser. The most visible are change of the main page and search engine and adding a toolbar on the top edge of the browser window. The toolbar look rather handy especially for those who want to widen the collection of smileys and emoji for social networks. Following the official description the icons can be inserted into Facebook, Webmail, etc. chats. However entertaining it seems, before using Iminent toolbar you should ask yourself, if this worth the disadvantages the toolbar as well brings. With the hijacker operating you actions on the Internet will be repeatedly interrupted with redirections to page and other doubtful domains.

How to remove Conduit Toolbar

Conduit toolbar is a bunch of fake instruments that may appear in your browser without your consent. Usually the presence of the toolbar speaks for the browser hijacker infection - you may also notice the change of the main page. The toolbar looks similar to many others of this type - it offers users to save time by allowing them to have quick access to radio stations or social networks, like Facebook. However, we recommend not to use any of these options presented by Conduit toolbar, as any of the search queries will cause redirections on the websites of the partners of Conduit toolbar developers.