How to remove redirect is a page which appearance has very much in common with genuine search provided by Yahoo company. The page is closely related to several browser hijackers of Spigot family, so if you see frequent redirections to this page, then unfortunately it means that your system is infected with a browser hijacker. The most common thing about this search that people have used it for some time before raising suspicions.

How to remove Redirect is the page that is used for redirections to by the browser hijacker of the same name. A browser affected by this malware will repeatedly redirect user to page. As you can see below, the page itself is made as a search page with ads of shopping and dating services and links to entertaining sites and in-browser games. The idea of putting the additional links to the search page sound convenient, however it’s a trick V9 uses to make people visit promoting sites working on revenue-per-click scheme.

How to remove TornTV hijacker

TornTv hijacker is the threat that is closely connected with the Torn TV service which gave a name to the hijacker. The service declares that it allows users to watch TV shows online and download favourite episodes. Aside from standard affecting the web browsing like causing redirections to the TornTV repeatedly. It may beside change the main page and default search to the pages related to the hijacker. The danger the TornTv poses to the system is higher that it may seem. The reason is that the threat is spread with Bifrose backdoor virus.