How to remove Delta Search Hijacker and Toolbar

Delta Search is a browser add-on that affects browser settings by installing a toolbar and changing the main page. While it may look as an innocuous expanding of search functions, we recommend neither using a toolbar, nor performing a search on the page, as they both are parts of the Delta hijacker. And hijackers usually amend search results in order to promote third-party sites and services.

How to remove Search Pile hijacker

Many people underestimate the dangers that a simple change of a homepage may bring. You, of course, may keep the page as your main, but you should know that it may bring negative consequences. The search source is related to the Search Pile browser hijacker, a malware that alters browser settings to be able to show the sites of partners at the top of the results, and thus promote the sources.

How to remove is nothing different from other hijacker viruses: it uses the same technique. The malware installs as a browser add-on and sets its corrupted search page as the main and only possible homepage. The page cannot be removed or replaced by usual means, until you remove hijacker. The search should be avoided until that, as it poses a threat to PC health. The hijacker is ad-supported and gains revenue from the sponsored sites, to which the search page redirects victims.

How to remove hijacker

The page of itself looks suspicious due to advertisement it places under the search bar. The intention to get rid of heightens when one performs a search within piesearch,com, as it leads to untrustworthy sources with more ads. Predictably, users try to change the page manually in the browser settings, still it results in nothing, as the hijacker is able to restore its position. Moreover, victims cannot use other search engines, as the malware blocks them. If you are tired with the intrusive actions of the hijacker, use this guide to remove once and for all.

How to remove hijacker

As a rule, hijackers like land on systems carried by other software. People usually are tricked to install it by tempting descriptions or by tricks like bundling. Be careful as you may install the hijacker even without knowing it. Avoid malicious programs by checking the options of Advanced installation, which give the full picture of what the setup includes.

How to remove

If you launched your browser and discovered as your homepage, then it means that your computer is infected with a browser hijacker that is also called Search Module Plus. Besides altering the homepage it is capable of changing search engine to one of these:,, or Manual changing of settings by user won’t have an effect, as Search Module Plus adds a scheduled process SMWPUpd, which is responsible for restoration of the adjustments.

How to remove redirect is the page of which users rarely expect something harmful. Because of the page design of a search engine, many users don’t mind that has replaced their usual search provider and homepage. However, it is difficult not to notice the shady effect that has on browsing experience. The main reason why you should remove instead of keeping it is that the page is actually a browser hijacker which will promote sponsored sources.

How to remove is a browser hijacker created with the aim common for all hijackers - promotion of third-party sites. To succeed in this intention, the developers of the hijacker made it look like a search page, still the page gives itself away with a number of ads seen on it. Despite the fact that the page is intended to be a search engine, you shouldn’t use it for this purpose - bear in mind that the page belongs to malware and is used as a tool for misleading the users. When a search performed on, the results are always unpredictable as the hijacker tends to replace the relevant pages with those that it promotes.

How to remove page page has been classified as a part of a browser hijacker by many security experts. So, if you’re seeing it as the homepage of your browser, then you need to be careful with it until you manage to remove The users who try to use the page as a usual search engine may encounter the dangers it brings. However, at the start the threats are not remarkable due to a well designed disguise. The page projects itself as a sustainable web search with quick redirection links to Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe in reliability after performing several searches within it.

How to remove search

The users who launched their browsers and saw page in it for the first time may not even have a hint of suspicion, since the page is designed to be minimalistic and convenient. However, the first impression becomes misguided with the use of the search engine. The page is utilized by a browser hijacker which aim is to promote third-party pages.