How to remove may take place of your browser’s homepage and search engine and resist to prevent these changes. If this happened to your browser, then you have browser hijacker installed. Browser hijacker is a type of malware which is used for link promotion and advertising purposes.

How to remove TV Guru

TV Guru is yet another browser hijacker designed by notorious MindSpark. This type of malware affects only browsers changing their configuration without users’ permission. Once installed, it sets or as your primary search provider, injects third-party advertisements, causes redirects to affiliate sites, and collects users’ personal information.

How to remove Auuahk-Ouuohk Ransomware and decrypt .RECOVERYOURFILES files

What is Auuahk-Ouuohk Ransomware?

Auuahk-Ouuohk Ransomware is a new data kidnapping malware aimed at English-speaking users. Malware like this is mostly distributed via spam emails containing malicious files. Once the victim opens the attached file, the virus starts infecting computer. The encryption process goes unnoticed and once it is completed, all user files become inaccessible. To get files back, the victim is being blackmailed by insisting that he should pay ransom in bitcoins. Actually, if you have been attacked by Auuahk-Ouuohk Ransomware, there is no need to contact them and especially to make any concessions. Remember, you are up against fraudsters who don’t care about your files and whose the main purpose is to make a profit. Hence, there is a high risk of being left without decryptor and money. Instead, you may try using this guide to remove Auuahk-Ouuohk Ransomware and decrypt .RECOVERYOURFILES files without spending any money. read more

How to remove

If your browser is repeatedly opening*** page and then redirects you to some ad site, then your system is infected with adware. Malware like this most often injects in the browser through the bundles with free programs, illegal games you may have downloaded from the Web. Following infiltration, it hijacks browser to change your startup page, fill your browser with pop-up ads, and cause redirects, so that the affected browser visits various affiliate sites.

How to remove WonderFul Weather

WonderFull Weather is a browser hijacker that might get on your PC with dubious freeware programs, pirated games, cracks or fake Adobe flash updates. This distribution method is called "bundling". WonderFull Weather is embedded in the browser as a browser extension and immediately starts to make unwanted modifications without the user's agreement.

How to remove Instagram2Go

Instagram2Go is a rogue application that allegedly allows watching your Instagram feed directly from the desktop. Aside from this, it is the main culprit responsible for frequent redirects and annoying pop-up advertisements in your browser. For this reason, Instagram2Go is classified as an adware which is meant to generate profits for its developers, but the way it does that is not acceptable.

How to remove Mac File Opener

Mac File Opener is presented as a useful application allowing to open various file types that Mac doesn't support by default. Actually, it's PUP developed by infamous PCVark that has also released many similar rogue programs including Mac Tonic, Disk Cleanup Pro, Mac Space Reviver, Duplicates Cleaner, eSecure, Disk Reviver and so on. Like other potentially unwanted programs, Mac File Opener is distributed in conjunction with dubious applications. Users may be asked to install search toolbars or adware programs during installation.

How to remove is ad-injection software responsible for unwanted redirects and intrusive pop-up ads in your browser. An adware usually sneaks into system together with freeware programs downloaded from the Web. Once it gets on PC, it starts making changes to the browser configuration without user’s agreement in order to force your browser to open… periodically.