How to remove CryptoWall Ransomware and decrypt files

CryptoWall is the name of a malicious program that is designed to encrypt victim’s files, so that its developers could demand ransom for their retrieval. The ransomware aims for the most popular file types and is able to infiltrate any version of Windows, whether it is Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. The detected files will be encrypted with the RSA ciphering, making these files inaccessible. With the encryption of the last file CryptoWall displays a window with the note that suggests the ransom details.

How to remove TornTV hijacker

TornTv hijacker is the threat that is closely connected with the Torn TV service which gave a name to the hijacker. The service declares that it allows users to watch TV shows online and download favourite episodes. Aside from standard affecting the web browsing like causing redirections to the TornTV repeatedly. It may beside change the main page and default search to the pages related to the hijacker. The danger the TornTv poses to the system is higher that it may seem. The reason is that the threat is spread with Bifrose backdoor virus.

How to remove AddLyrics

AddLyrics description is full of attractive promises - it says that this free application allows its users to find and associate lyrics with any song on YouTube. Though it looks like a great possibility to make YouTube also a karaoke service, AddLyrics doesn’t have any good effect on watching videos or on Internet browsing in whole. The program misleads users by offering the beneficial options, however, it is not created with the aim of helping people. The general point of creating adware applications is raising money by cooperating with third parties and promoting their sites.

How to remove AdProtect

AdProtect is a program that claims to operate as an anti-spyware, though on further investigation it appears to be a rogue application. It get installed on systems bypassing the defenses and acts as a reliable tool. At least, at the start. The tool itself initiates a fake malware scan, which unfailingly ends in a number of security alerts. These notifications are generated and have nothing in common with real situation - AdProtect detects system problems and malware issues even on new machines. The developers of AdProtect suppose to scare users and persuade them to buy a full version of the application, so that the problems could be solved.

How to remove Conduit Toolbar

Conduit toolbar is a bunch of fake instruments that may appear in your browser without your consent. Usually the presence of the toolbar speaks for the browser hijacker infection - you may also notice the change of the main page. The toolbar looks similar to many others of this type - it offers users to save time by allowing them to have quick access to radio stations or social networks, like Facebook. However, we recommend not to use any of these options presented by Conduit toolbar, as any of the search queries will cause redirections on the websites of the partners of Conduit toolbar developers.