How to remove is a shady website that may open on users’ browsers periodically as a result of adware getting installed on their computers. and its subdomains (,, and others) ask users to allow to send them notifications.

How to remove is a shady site that will try to convince you to click “Allow” button and enable notifications, so that it can later spam you with them. and subdomains of that website (,,, and so on) might open on your browsers periodically if your computer is infected with adware.

How to remove MyTransitGuide

MyTransitGuide is a deceptive browser extension created for one purpose – promotion of third-party sites. To succeed in this intention, the developers made it look like an ordinary search engine, still, the page gives itself away with a number of ads seen on it. Despite the fact that the page is intended to be a search engine, you shouldn’t use it for this purpose – bear in mind that the page belongs to malware and is used as a tool for misleading the users.

How to remove ONI Ransomware and decrypt .ONI files

ONI is a data-kidnapping virus that extorts money from victims. The scheme of the work of this virus is no different from any other ransomware. At first, it looks for ways to break into the victim’s PC and block anything that may stop the virus. Then, the encryption process starts which subsequently makes users’ data unreadable.

How to remove Mac Heal Pro

Mac Heal Pro is a potentially unwanted program which is distributed via malvertising: some ads may redirect the user to scam page stating that your Mac is infected with viruses or your anti-malware program is out-of-date. To solve this problem, you’re offered to download Mac Heal Pro. This application, in turn, scans the system and then prompts users to buy a license key to remove allegedly detected errors, malware, junk and privacy issues.

How to remove

At first sight, is the ordinary search page of which users rarely expect something harmful. Because of the page design of a search engine, many users don’t mind that it has replaced their primary search provider and homepage. However, it is difficult not to notice the shady effect that has on the browsing experience.

How to remove Safe Cleaner for Mac

Safe Cleaner for Mac is yet another junk software that you need to remove without thinking. The thing is it was designed to convince the user that his device has a lot of errors reducing its performance. There’re too many similar programs (Mac Tonic, Mac Keeper, Mac Ads Cleaner) and all of them operate in the same way: at first, it finds out any bugs in the system which can be fixed only after purchasing the paid version.

How to remove Advanced Mac Tuneup

Advanced Mac Tuneup is a fake optimization tool similar to Mac Tonic, Mac Keeper, Secure Mac Tuneup. In fact, they are all useless and focused on inexperienced users. The workflow of all above-mentioned programs is the same: at first, it finds out critical system errors allegedly affects a system’s performance and then imposes paid services to fix them.

How to remove NinjaLoc Ransomware and decrypt files

NinjaLoc is is a dangerous virus capable of making all victim's data unreadable. This is realized through the encryption process, and in order to access these files again, a user has to pay ransom cost – in this particular case the cost is 100$ in BitCoins. By the way, if you have been attacked by NinjaLoc Ransomware, there is no need to contact them and especially to make any concessions.