How to remove One SystemCare

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Almost every user is keen on keeping their system safe, and many malware developers exploit this natural concern and make money on it. One SystemCare is one of those applications that are presented as a PC aiding program that would solve system problems in several clicks. Unfortunately, instead of helping to improve system performance by removing leftovers and restoring broken files for real, One SystemCare only imitates these functions.

How to remove WareOut

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For an inattentive user, or for a user who has believed the promotional description of an application, WareOut seems to be a powerful anti-spyware tool. Unfortunately, in the end they understand that installing WareOut was a mistake. It soon turns out that WareOut lacks the capabilities to detect and delete spyware, instead it fakes notifications about threats to convince user in purchasing the full version of the program.

How to uninstall Regclean Pro completely

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RegClean Pro is a registry cleaning utility developed by This application is one of those that users want to have on their PCs to make their systems faster. However many security experts relegate RegClean Pro to Potentially Unwanted Applications. The reasons for it are explained by the method the program uses to get inside a system and the application functioning as well. Regclean Pro is rarely installed by user’s intention, more often the program looks for sneaky ways to be installed.

How to uninstall NowUSeeit Player

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What is NowUSeeit Player?

NowUSeeit is a media player that gathers its audience by being promoted as an application that allows watching Internet videos without opening a browser. Besides accessing media it offers free browser add-ons and extensions. And here lies the rub – the program is ad-supportive, and the extensions is how the ads land into your browser. The intrusiveness of the application outweighs its would-be benefits. Being both adware and a rogue software, the application both doesn’t provide the claimed functions and brings commercials to browsers, so you can remove NowUSeeit Player without regret. read more

How to uninstall Reimage Repair

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Reimage Repair is a fake system optimization tool developed by Reimage company. The program closely resembles the other of this type, so it easily befools people. The application mimics the functions of real optimizers and even imitates system scans. However, the result is always predictable - Reimage Repair will raise a scare about PC condition.

How to uninstall WebDiscover

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WebDiscover is a browser that is deservedly treated as Potentially Unwanted Application. It established this reputation because of its unauthorized method of installation and the malicious effects it has. The browser itself is based on Google Chromium project and is pushed for as a more functional alternative to popular web browsers.

How to uninstall System Healer

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System Healer is promoted as a PC optimizing tool that has no match among the programs of the same kind. Despite these big words, the legitimate look of the official site and the interface that doesn’t arouse suspicions, System Healer is labeled as Potentially Unwanted Program and a rogue software. By being so, System Healer imitates functions and operating of a real application - it scans registry entries, looks for error in PC performance, check the privacy security, etc.

How to uninstall Chromium

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Chromium browser is a threat that uses its resemblance to Google Chrome to trick people. Chromium takes after the interface as well as as settings of genuine Chrome installed on your computer - all this is done for user to mistake the fake browser for Google Chrome. Though there are mixed reviews on the product on the web, mostly users who tried out the browser advise to remove Chromium.

How to remove Windows Prime Shield

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Windows Prime Shield application belongs to the family of rogue programs developed by FakeVimes. Such applications have the form of trustworthy antimalware programs that will protect your system, meanwhile being themselves a malware that doesn’t have any of the stated capabilities. However, Windows Prime Shield imitates the security activities quite well. From the moment it is installed and until it is eliminated, the application will launch virus scans automatically with every system reboot. And no matter what you do or how clean your PC is, it would give you alerts about viruses