How to remove

5/5 (2) is rogue search engine that is deceptively installed with other freeware. It corrupts browser configuration and redirects your search engine/homepage to that is used for advertising. A browser hijacker can trick you into visiting unwanted sites or downloading questionable software by providing altered search results.

How to remove Tapu Find

5/5 (3)

Tapu Find is an annoying computer infection called browser hijacker. A browser hijacker is a small application which is often installed as a browser extension. After infiltration, it takes over web browser altering its configuration without the user’s consent. It is expressed in changing homepage and main search engine to in order to force the victim to use only this search domain and to make it unchangeable.

How to remove Chill Tab search

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Chill Tab is a computer infection, called browser hijacker, that can replace homepage/search engine of a browser without user’s agreement and participation. The aim of this malware is to land a user on certain predetermined pages to promote them or some other questionable products, some of which can be dangerous for your computer health. In practice, this is achieved via fake search results and browser redirects.

How to remove (Mac)

5/5 (6) is a browser hijacker that is created by the same people to made and malware. This browser hijacker has an ability to infiltrate all presenting on a system web browsers and to take control over them. It is expressed in altering the browsers’ settings to change the homepage and main search engine to force the victim to use only this search domain and to make it unchangeable.

How to remove Leen Ransomware and restore .leen files

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Leen is a new crypto-virus from the creators of notorious Scarab Ransomware. Leen Ransomware infects users’ personal files making them unavailable via AES-256 cipher. It is easy to recognize by “.leen” extension which is added to each encrypted file. For example, file “myfamily.jpg” will turn into “myfamily.leen”.

How to remove MapsVoyage ads

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MapsVoyage is presented as a browser extension available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other browsers. In reality, it operates like a browser hijacker that can mess up your browser settings in order to change startup page of the browser and make you visit affiliate sites via constant redirects. As the principal task of the program is to generate advertising revenue, it also injects its advertisement in the form of pop-up ads on all the pages you visit.

How to remove Scarab-Danger Ransomware and restore and files

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Scarab-Danger is a yet another variant of Scarab Ransomware family. The new virus is very dangerous, by detecting most important files on PC and even on a remote cloud, it encrypts them within minutes. Affected files will be renamed beyond recognition according to a pattern - ( For example, file "myfamily.jpg" will turn into "".

How to to remove Donut ransomware and restore .donut files

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Donut is a new cryptovirus that encodes users’ personal files. During encryption, .donut extension is added to each infected file. For example, file “mydoc.doc” will turn into “mydoc.doc.donut”. It is noteworthy that, to date, the largest number of victims of Donut Ransomware from France. To encrypt files, it uses AES encryption algorithm when each user is assigned a decryption key which is immediately sent to the remote cloud.

How to remove Mac Ads Cleaner

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Mac Ads Cleaner is a deceptive application stating that it can boost up a computer performance. However, it’s exactly the opposite. Once launched, it starts to display a lot of non-existent threat messages in order to persuade you to buy the full version of Mac Ads Cleaner. And Mac Ads Cleaner will do it persistently displaying commercial content every time you work in front of a computer.