How to remove redirection virus

No ratings yet. is an unpleasant page that appears on your browsers without invitation, and though it is not dangerous itself, it still can bring threats with it. Besides hijacking your browser and blocking other search engines except for its own, malware promotes third-party websites by twisted search results. We should warn you about not clicking these links as often they lead to sources filled with commercials or, in the worst, but still common, scenario, with infections.

How to remove Windows Activation Update

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WindowsActivationUpdate is a malicious program that tends to swindle the victims and lure them into calling fake technical support. The program doesn’t perform any hazardous activities directly, however it doesn’t mean that it is completely harmless. After the installation WindowsActivationUpdate forces computer restart and then shows a roguish screen instead of a usual login one.

How to remove Maintenance Software ads

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What is Maintenance Software?

Maintenance Software is a dubious application of adware nature which can trick you into installing unwanted programs or dangerous malicious applications. The adware is capable of opening new tabs and windows in your browser that will inform you about outdated software and offer to install a new version. Though usually these notifications look official and convincing, you shouldn’t click ‘Accept’ or ‘Download now’, since it will initiate installation of the applications that we warned you above. For the sake of your system security we recommend to stay away from all pop-ups and suddenly opened pages and instead attempt to remove Maintenance Software adware. read more

How to remove Web Timer ads

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Web Timer is a browser extension that can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store, though there are many complaints on the product. Though the description says that the application allows to track the time spent on the Internet, in fact it is a malware. Due to the reviews many users experience, the extension does perform the stated functions, but also brings certain problems.

How to remove page

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Many people make search queries every day without realizing how an improper search engine may spoil browsing experience. There are several well-known domain, that the majority of people use, but also there are less popular pages that claim to provide the same or even better services. Unluckily, some of them belong to malware threats that are called browser hijackers.

How to remove DynamiteArcade ads

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DynamiteArcade is assigned as a Potentially Unwanted Application by many security experts because of the inconveniences the program brings. One of the most annoying and visible activities of DynamiteArcade is generating of pop-ups that are typically either commercials with offers of discount coupons and bargains, or notifications of outdated drivers or system issues.

How to remove Mass Sea ads

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One day you may launch your browser and notice that there are too many commercials on every page, including those that haven’t ads before. Usually it can be explained by an infection with adware that will annoy you in such manner until you manage to remove it.