How to remove Webcake ads

What is WebCake?

WebCake is actually an add-on that is brought under the category of adware and potentially unwanted applications. The malware was developed by WebCake LLC that promotes their creation as a vital tool for wider web experience. It is true that Webcake changes browsing dramatically, but not in the way users expect. Instead of officially stated offers of best prices, discounts and price comparison, Webcake displays fakes. The Webcake ads are promoting the sponsored sites, that pay Webcake LLC for redirecting users on them and thus raising their popularity. Some of such forwardings may turn out bad, because the list of the sites cooperating with Webcake includes infected sources as well. So we suggest that you should remove Webcake from your system and browser lest get your system seriously infected. read more

How to uninstall NowUSeeit Player

What is NowUSeeit Player?

NowUSeeit is a media player that gathers its audience by being promoted as an application that allows watching Internet videos without opening a browser. Besides accessing media it offers free browser add-ons and extensions. And here lies the rub – the program is ad-supportive, and the extensions is how the ads land into your browser. The intrusiveness of the application outweighs its would-be benefits. Being both adware and a rogue software, the application both doesn’t provide the claimed functions and brings commercials to browsers, so you can remove NowUSeeit Player without regret. read more

How to remove Buzzdock ads

Buzzdock is an unwanted browser extension that produces changes in browser conduct. This PUP alters mainly page appearance and the main page and search engines of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Buzzdock can generate up to 10 ads of different kinds, which is established by EULA. Putting aside the fact that this amount of ads may totally overlay page content, some may find such commercial bombarding useful, since Buzzdock shows the pop-ups and banners pretending to offer discounts and price comparisons.

How to remove Nicer Together ads

Nicer Together is an application from Adware.BrowseFox family that brings ads, promoting banners and notifications about bargains to victim’s browser. Adware is capable of infecting all popular browsers - Chrome, Firefox, IE, Microsoft Edge. It’s important to avoid these ads if it’s possible until you remove Nicer Together, as the ads are totally misleading. Their aim is exactly to be clicked so that user will land on a supported by the adware site.

How to remove Next Program ads

Next Program is an adware browser extension that no one would probably want to have installed. However, it manages to crawl into browsers under the disguise of shopping add-on. Once installed Next Program will alter your search with showing ads on the top of a search page and display a panel with links relevant to content of the pages you visit.

How to remove Discover Treasure

Discover Treasure is an adware application of ill-famed SuperWeb LLC., that is known for its malware production. Discover Treasure promises free tool for widening user’s browsing experience. It promises to show users the wonders on the Internet, however it doesn't define 'wonders', and instead of providing information that could be valuable or of interest, it bombards users with never-ending ads.

How to remove Taboola ads

Taboola adware is basically a malicious browser add-on that takes over browsers with the purpose of raising money. Taboola developers make deals with the owners of unpopular or ill-content sites - Taboola would generate ads linked to these sites thus drawing visitors to these sources, and the site owners in their turn pay fee to Taboola creators.

How to remove Oasis Space ads

Oasis Space is a browser add-on that however wasn’t developed to anyhow help its users, though its presentment says the opposite. Oasis Space should combine a number of options for online shopping, navigation, chatting, etc., but instead it gives user nothing but a headache. If the add-on has crawled into Chrome, Firefox, IE or any other browser, it will be soon become traceable with the ads the application generates.

How to remove DNS Unlocker

DNS Unlocker is an application which is unrecommended to be installed and utilized. For the most of users it may look as a handy addon that unblocks the blocked sites and media, though under the thorough analysis, it appears to be a bright example of an adware. Soon after DNS Unlocker infiltrates system, a bunch of ads begin to appear on every page spoiling browsing experience. It is important not to take this ads for real and think that coupons and discount presented by DNS Unlocker are valuable.

How to remove Tencent QQ

Tencent QQ is a popular Instant messaging application that provides many pleasant services like group and voice chats, playing online games, and even shopping. The application developed by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Ltd. is extremely popular in China and began to spread outside the country territory. The program itself is no threat to you PC, however on the Internet there are many complains about the program and forum topics with questions how to remove Tencent QQ.