How to uninstall from Mac

5/5 (1) is a potentially unwanted program that changes a homepage in Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. New homepage looks like a new search tab of Google, but there are important differences here. In reality, it’s a false website aimed at redirecting a legitimate website’s traffic to search engine.

How to uninstall from Mac

5/5 (1) is a sort of malware called “browser hijacker”. It redirects browser to new homepage and a search engine. The pursuit of such activities is to promote advertisement to the user. The virus usually targets most popular browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

How to uninstall from Mac

5/5 (1) is a misleading page disguised and operating as a search engine that replaces your homepage. The minimalistic design of the page gives an impression of a sustainable search engine, that is worth trying instead of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. However, that could turn against a user, because the page, in fact, is a part of a browser hijacker, that will affect your browsing activities in order to promote third-party sites.

How to remove from Safari

5/5 (1) – Mac redirect virus that abruptly emerges corrupting browser’s settings. As a result, you are forced to see page instead of the Google search engine. While it’s not a real virus, it’s very stubborn malware, one you won’t get rid of so easily.

How to remove

5/5 (2)

Instead of your browser’s homepage, you are seeing page? Well, this means that you have browser hijacker installed on your Mac device. Browser hijacker is a small application used for link promotion. This is achieved by displaying altered search results leading you to sponsored pages.

How to remove Alpha Shoppers

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Alpha Shoppers is a so-called “redirect virus” that may appear on your browser without users’ agreement. As a rule, it is result of user installed software that had hidden packages installed. Although it’s not a real virus and it doesn’t pose a real threat to your system, we recommend you to remove Alpha Shoppers malware from your computer. Malware like this is classified as browser hijacker.

How to uninstall Bing Search from Mac

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If your browser suddenly started opening webpage instead of your preferred search engine, then your Mac is infected with a browser hijacker. Browser hijacker is a type of malware that often penetrates victims’ devices together with free programs and then integrates into the browser. Once installed, it forcibly modifies browser and system configurations to make users visit certain websites.

How to remove Yahoo Search from Mac

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What is Yahoo Search?

If you are experiencing redirections to while searching for something (in case you haven’t set it as a default search engine), then you probably picked up browser hijacker on your Mac. Browser hijacker is a kind of malware that is mostly used for advertising purposes and link promotion. It usually gets on users’ computers along with other freeware. Following infiltration, it takes over your browser so that the user is forced to use Yahoo search. Furthermore, it is responsible for the appearance of countless pop-up ads and redirects. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of browser hijacker and remove Yahoo Search from your Mac. read more