How to remove

5/5 (2) is a deceptive search site that may take place of your browser’s homepage as a result of infection with the browser hijacker. Apart from changing homepage, it generates advertisements, creates new tab as well as redirect user to ad sites. As you probably guessed, browser hijacker is used for advertising purposes.

How to fix Error 400

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Lately, many Internet users complain about error 400 in Google Chrome. The browser may work in its normal mode but when you open any Youtube page, you see error 400 instead stating that “Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request”. The main reason for this issue is a malicious browser extension or add-on.

How to remove pop-up

5/5 (2) is an advertising domain which is responsible for annoying pop-up ads in a browser. This is the result of the effects of a malware like browser hijackers. A browser hijacker is a small application that corrupts browser configuration and spoils it with intrusive advertisements and redirects.

Chrome starts Windows Installer. How to fix it?

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Windows Installer dialog box pops up immediately after Chrome is started? This usually happens when the user opens the browser and instead of the homepage, he sees a blank page with the window titled "Windows Installer" that requires to install some program. There are many reasons for the appearance of this error, it may be caused due to the system problems, Windows update errors, the impact of the virus, out of date drivers or damaged hard drives of your PC and so on.

How to remove Chrominio Message Center Pop-up

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Chrominio Message Center dialog box may pop on your computer stating that “New Chromium version is now available”. The main reason why you are seeing periodically this pop-up is a malware that aims to trick users into downloading browser hijacker and other unwanted programs such as Chromium web-browser. Also, it may display a huge amount of advertisement, cause browser’s slowdowns, and collect individual information about users’ browsing habits.

How to remove AnySearchManager

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AnySearchManager is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that can crawl into the system without being noticed and hijack browser on Mac OS. Following the infiltration, it immediately replaces default search engine and homepage with without the opportunity for the user to get them back. Despite claims that it can enhance your browsing experience, we advise you to remove AnySearchManager asap and there are good reasons for this.

How to remove Secure Search Bar

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Secure Search Bar is a browser add-on that injects its own search bar into a browser. This appears every time you appeal to the search engine – all your search queries will be redirected to Bing page. The purpose of the program becomes evident – to generate more traffic to the Bing Search Engine that is probably profitable for its developers.

How to remove Tapu Find

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Tapu Find is an annoying computer infection called browser hijacker. A browser hijacker is a small application which is often installed as a browser extension. After infiltration, it takes over web browser altering its configuration without the user’s consent. It is expressed in changing homepage and main search engine to in order to force the victim to use only this search domain and to make it unchangeable.

How to remove Leen Ransomware and restore .leen files

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Leen is a new crypto-virus from the creators of notorious Scarab Ransomware. Leen Ransomware infects users’ personal files making them unavailable via AES-256 cipher. It is easy to recognize by “.leen” extension which is added to each encrypted file. For example, file “myfamily.jpg” will turn into “myfamily.leen”.