Comment restaurer Mozilla Firefox aux paramètres par défaut

firefoxAlmost all browsers present their users the abilities to adjust settings through and through from visual theme changing to security restrictions modifications. If one of these changes causes troubles, if you’ve done nothing but experience a strange browser behavior, you may need to reset Mozilla Firefox. Restoring the browser may help in cases when it was infected by malware and now you constantly see ads and suffer redirections. Restoring will get settings back to the factory state which will fix problems, alongside with it your essential information like saved passwords and bookmarks won’t be affected.

Restoring Mozilla Firefox to default settings will have an impact on:

  • Change of the default search engine to the original
  • Homepage and new tab page will be cleared
  • Your browsing history and cookies will be emptied
  • All of the installed extensions and visual themes will be disabled

How to reset Mozilla Firefox

  1. Cliquez le button with three horizontal lines that can be seen in the right upper corner of the browser
  2. Cliquez le question mark icon in the lower right corner of the menu
  3. Choisissez Troubleshooting information option
  4. Cliquez le Réinitialiser Firefox bouton
  5. Confirm the restoration by clicking the Réinitialiser Firefox bouton

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