Cómo desinstalar el cromo de Mac y Windows

What is Chromium?

navegador de cromo es una amenaza que utiliza su parecido con Google Chrome para engañar a la gente. Chromium takes after the interface as well as settings of genuine Chrome installed on your computerall this is done for a user to mistake the fake browser for Google Chrome. Aunque hay reseñas mezcladas en el producto en la web, most users who tried out the browser advise to remove Chromium. And here’s why. The first thing is resources consumption. If one runs a task manager while using Chromium they will see that the browser uses almost all of the CPU when launched. Segundo, the browser is ad-supported, which means that users will see a lot of commercials in it. These ads are unavoidable and hamper normal web browsing.

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How Chromium got installed on your computer?

In the beginning, when the browser appeared it was quite popular, as many users thought it to be simpler and more convenient that the majority of other modern browsers. sin embargo, soon its cover was blown and the popularity of Chromium began to fall. Entonces, its developers had to apply to unfair techniques like bundling or hard promoting. The bundling means that the application is inserted into the setup of other programs and will be installed together with it. The installation can be simply avoided, though users rarely use this opportunity. The setup could be prevented by declining the installation in the steps of Advanced mode.

How to remove Chromium?

Performing an antimalware scan with Norton would automatically search out and delete all elements related to Chromium. It is not only the easiest way to eliminate Chromium, pero también la más segura y asegurando.

Descargar Norton

Combo Cleaner Antivirus is a well-established tool for Mac users that can clear your computer from malware like Chromium and all related files from your computer. Otra ventaja importante del programa es una base de datos actualizada de las amenazas informáticas que es perfecto para proteger su equipo en caso de un nuevo ataque de malware.

Descarga SpyHunter

Steps of Chromium manual removal

How to remove Chromium from Mac

  1. Abre un Descubridor ventana
  2. Hacer clic aplicaciones línea en la barra lateral
  3. Select the application related to Chromium botón derecho del ratón y elegir Mover a la papelera

How to remove Chromium from Windows XP

  1. Haga clic en el comienzo botón y abierto Control Panel
  2. Ir Añadir o eliminar programas
  3. Find the application related to Chromium and click desinstalación

How to remove Chromium from Windows 7/Vista

  1. Haga clic en el comienzo botón y abierto Control Panel
  2. Ir Programa de desinstalación
  3. Find the application related to Chromium and click desinstalación

How to remove Chromium from Windows 8/8.1

  1. Haga clic en el menú icono en la esquina inferior izquierda
  2. Escoger Control Panel
  3. Selecciona el Programa de desinstalación línea
  4. desinstalación the application related to Chromium

How to remove Chromium from Windows 10

  1. prensa Win + X para abrir el menú de Windows Poder
  2. Hacer clic Control Panel
  3. Escoger Desinstalar un programa
  4. Select the application related to Chromium and y eliminar

NotaIf you experience problems with removing Chromium from Control Panel: no hay tal título en la lista, o si recibe un error que le impide la eliminación de la aplicación, ver el artículo dedicado a este tema. Lea qué hacer si el programa no se desinstala el Panel de control

Delete files and registry entries added by Chromium

A veces, la eliminación a través del Panel de Control no es suficiente, ya que el incorporado en la aplicación puede dejar algunos archivos. Entonces, que necesita para encontrar todos los artículos siguientes y eliminarlos.

Remove Chromium files and folders:


Si los métodos antes mencionados no ayudan en la eliminación de la amenaza, entonces es mejor que depender de una de manera automática of deleting Chromium.

Descargar Norton

We also recommend to download and use Norton to scan the system after Chromium removal to make sure that it is completely gone. The antimalware application will detect any vicious components left among system files and registry entries that can recover Chromium.

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