How to fix svchost.exe issue with high CPU usage

How to fix svchost.exe

The name ‘svchost’ stands for ‘Service Host’, and as it suggests, svchost.exe is a system process responsible for operating and managing Windows processes. Being so important for, scvhost.exe runs on the background all the time, but sometimes it has negative consequences, as many duplicates of the process appear in Task Manager, and each of them may consume a great amount of resources, even when there are not so many programs launched. The great CPU usage by svchost.exe is one of the most common problems that Windows users have to face, and in this guide we provide several methods to fix svchost.exe problem.

svchost.exe processes

Causes of receiving svchost.exe message

svchost.exe problem may appear due to numerous reasons. Though the error grounds are difficult to detect precisely, es probable que uno de la lista:

  • Computer virus or malware
  • Incorrectly performed Windows Update
  • Too many applications running

solución automática

Reparar los errores del sistema puede no ser una tarea fácil, por lo que le debemos advertir que la realización de algunos de los pasos que puede requerir habilidades encima de la media, por lo que si usted no se siente lo suficientemente experimentado, usted puede aplicar a la herramienta automática.

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Pasos del manual de resolver

Solución 1. Scan the system for viruses and malware

One of the frequent reasons of svchost.exe going wrong is presence of a virus or malware on a system. Sometimes they just load the process, and sometimes they utilize the name of a system operation to hide their activities. In any case a full scan with an antimalware tool is recommended.

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Norton should be able to get rid of a threat causing the trouble, as it was highly rated by the users with similar problems.

Solución 2. Clear Event viewer log

Another explanation of the issue lies in the size and amount of Windows event viewer files. To empty the log do the following:

  1. prensa Win + R simultaneamente
  2. Into the input box type eventvwr.msc y pulse Entrar
  3. In the emerged window go to Windows Logs
  4. Encontrar Application opción, right-click it and choose Clear Log
  5. Repeat the same actions for Seguridad, Setup, y Sistema logs
  6. Reboot the system

Solución 3. Disable the BITS service

The service is reliable for downloading data vital for the system, like Windows Updates. But in cases of its malfunction it can lead to svchost.exe expanding more resources that usual. To disable the service perform these steps:

  1. prensa Win + R simultaneamente
  2. Into the omnibox type services.msc y pulse Entrar
  3. Encuentra el Background Intelligent Transfer Service and double-click it.
  4. Expand the menu of Startup tipo
  5. Escoger Disabled
  6. Confirmar la selección haciendo clic Aplicar and then Okay

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