How to remove WizardUpdate adware from Mac

What is ActivePower?

WizardUpdate is an advertising type program for MAK created by scammers in order to illegally penetrate the system settings and, in fact, certain changes to promote fake search networks. This virus promotes them in various ways: for example, using redirects. Each of your queries entered by the search engine will be redirected to the wrong pages to collect views. These pages are dangerous because they can download malicious content in a covert manner. Due to unnecessary information on the PC, device may slow down. read more

How to remove ActivityConfig from Mac

remove activityconfig from mac

What is ActivityConfig?

ActivityConfig is an adware type program created by scammers for Mac to promote fake URLs.

This virus makes certain changes to the settings to control user actions. For example, changes will overtake your usual search engine. After changing the settings, any query entered in the search engine will be sent to the pages promoted by the virus. Also, problems will overtake you when working on the Internet because you will find a huge amount of ads that intrusively appear on the screen, interfering with user`s work, because ads overlap the information on the screen. It is problematic to keep pop-ups closed all the time. This is done so that you specifically or accidentally click on these ads. Clicks redirect to unwanted pages.

! To get rid of these changes, you must remove ActivityConfig ! read more

How to remove ActivePower from Mac

What is ActivePower?

ActivePower is an adware application that aims to infect Mac by introducing annoying ads. Virus collects information about browsing, queries, actions on the Internet in order to identify interesting topics of users to display advertisements on these topics. ActivePower displays a large number of advertisements while running or even when the browser is closed. Advertising overlaps the necessary information on the screen so that the user clicks on the advertisement not only at will, but also unintentionally. Clicks on these ads take victims to unwanted pages read more

How to remove OptimalUnit from Mac

What Is OptimalUnit?

OptimalUnit is a dangerous application that experts have dubbed a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers are a type of viruses that sneak into a device and hijack system settings in order to make certain changes. For example, when virus is installed, you will notice problems finding some information. All requests entered in the search engine are redirected to unwanted pages promoted by OptimalUnit without your consent. This is done in order to collect views for scammers for personal gain. This is not the only trick of the pest. It tries in every way to get the victims to go to a fake address. For example, virus sends a large amount of advertisements to the system that not only interferes with normal operation, but also reduces performance. OptimalUnit targets Mac infection. This means that it is a pretty powerful virus. read more

How to remove TypicalInput from Mac

remove typicalInput from mac

What Is TypicalInput?

TypicalInput is a malicious Mac application that is classified as an adware because it supplies the system with advertisements

TypicalInput enters the system using the bundling method (when the virus attaches itself to some free program and downloads along with it) and promotes a fake search engine. After infiltrating the system, virus changes the browser settings without the user’s permission. App collects personal browsing data and monetizes it to sell to other scammers. Virus displays a large number of advertisements. Advertising not only interferes with the normal operation of the Internet, but also overloads the device and reduces performance. read more

How to remove MacFly Pro from Mac

how to remove macfly pro from mac

What Is MacFly Pro?

MacFly Pro is a malicious application that claims to be a simple, powerful and safe application that will improve the maintenance of your Mac. This program is called Potentially Unwanted Program (PUA) because it infiltrates the system in a covert manner without the knowledge of the victims. MacFly Pro advertises itself as an application that allows users to scan their computers for duplicate files, installed applications, large files, junk files

However, these are tricks created by scammers. Problem with PUA is that it changes browser settings to promote a fake search engine, displays a lot of ads, and prevents users from canceling those changes unless users remove them.
To remove MacFly Pro, use the automatic removal method. read more

How to remove

What Is is a malicious application for Mac. Virus is classified as an ad-type virus because it infects the system by displaying annoying ads. Advertisements appear throughout the Mac to overlap relevant information and force victims to click on the ad. When a user clicks on an ad, they are redirected to unwanted pages. These pages are capable of downloading some kind of malware without your consent. Advertising not only causes inconvenience, but also reduces the performance of the system. read more

How to remove SampleConsole from Mac

how to remove sampleconsole from mac

What Is SampleConsole?

SampleConsole is a malicious program for MAK that illegally penetrates the system in a covert manner, modifies browser settings, promotes a fake search engine and collects confidential information. Due to the fact that the virus infects the system by injecting ads, virus is called an adware. Advertising not only overlaps the necessary information on the screen, but also reduces the activity of the system

SampleConsole generates coupons, banners, polls, pop-ups to promote questionable websites or download some unwanted applications. Don’t let a SampleConsole destroy your Mac. Remove the scammer. read more

How to remove


What Is was created by scammers in order to trick visitors into installing unwanted applications. Apps of this type are promoted using free apps by bundling method. The user downloads free applications without knowing that virus enters along with it. positions itself as the official Apple page, although in fact has nothing in common with this program, so it can be argued that your device has been jailbroken. prompts the visitor to download a certain application from the provided link to the site as soon as possible, otherwise your work on the Internet will be accompanied by constant advertisements and redirects.
You can save the system from problems by removing read more

How to remove


What Is is a scam site created by scammers to try to trick victims into subscribing to their browser notifications to send spam notifications to their desktop or phone. The deception involves displaying fake error messages and forcing victims to subscribe to their browser notifications: wants to Show notifications
Your file is ready to download

When such a message is displayed, you must not click the “Allow” button, otherwise pop-up windows with spam from will start to appear on your computer or phone in large numbers, even when the browser is closed. read more