How to remove Easy Sports Access

Easy Sports Access is a browser extension that sets new browser’s homepage providing a quick access to sites with sports news. At first sight, it seems a useful add-on, however, in reality, it’s a browser hijacker which was created to generate traffic to third-party sites. Hence, it may cause a browser redirects to ad sites and display a bunch of intrusive ads.

How to remove Cloudfront from Mac

Cloudfront is a malicious application that aims to make you install more unwanted third-party applications. This is being done through the appearance of fake notifications claiming that your system is infected with viruses. Advertising is also the source of income for developers, therefore, you’ll have to face lots of intrusive pop-up ads and sudden redirects enforcing you to visit affiliate websites.

How to remove Horsia Ransomware and recover files

Horsia is a cryptovirus that belongs to the group of Scarab Ransomware family. After infiltration, it starts to encrypt all sensitive files on victim’s computer and then demands a ransom. All found files are encrypted with AES-256 cipher getting extension. For example, “mydoc.doc” will turn into “”. At the end of encryption procedure, the virus creates TXT file (“HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT”) placing it in each folder as well as replaces your desktop wallpaper with a new one.

How to remove is a deceitful search engine that usually shows up in your browser unexpectedly after you installed free program. After penetration, it takes over browsers and forcibly sets as your primary search provider. It also generates a bunch of intrusive ads that lead to insecure websites.

How to remove GandCrab-3 Ransomware and recover .CRAB files

GandCrab-3 is a new offspring of notorious GANDCRAB V2.0 Ransomware which, like the previous one, aims to take over your personal data. For this, it uses combo AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithms that randomly creates a unique key for each user. During encryption, virus adds .CRAB extension to all infected files.

How to remove HPE iLO Ransomware and recover your files

HPE iLO is a new ransomware-type virus that encrypts data on server systems HPE iLO 4. Notably, the distribution method is very different from many similar viruses. To get into victims’ computers, cybercriminals exploit remote control system (HPE Integrated Lights-Out). After this, they mount malicious ISO image into computers, by opening which, the encryption process is activated.

How to remove is a browser hijacker that spoils your browser with pop-up ads and redirects. While looks like an ordinary search engine, in fact it’s just a site that redirects all your search queries to More than that, it generates a lot of advertising in form of pop-up ads, banners, coupons, and so on.

How to remove Google Chrome Critical ERROR

You may see “Google Chrome Critical ERROR” error message while browsing in the presence of potentially unwanted program on your system. Scammers exploit credulity of users to make them pay money literally for nothing. This message says that your sensitive information is under the threat and to prevent identity theft, you are advised to call the “tech support”.

How to remove TheSearch extension

TheSearch is a browser extension that supposedly can improve user's searching experience. In fact, it's created to collect information about users' browsing habits and provide them advertising content based on the data. Developers gain revenue for each click on the ad link so they don't care about your security and privacy.