How to fix PrintNightmare print issue on Windows 10

How to fix printing PrintNightmare print issue

PrintNightmare is a critical vulnerability that affects the Print Spooler service, which is pre-enabled on all machines. As you probably know, this service is required for printing, and it is also enabled on devices that are not connected to printers. According to reports, the Print Nightmare vulnerability is actively used by attackers to obtain local privileges and remotely execute code on the affected machines. This vulnerability was discovered last week after security researchers accidentally published the exploit code on GitHub. In this regard, Microsoft has started to release an emergency update of Windows 10 KB5004945 to fix the security error PrintNightmare, affecting all supported versions of Windows 10. Since the Print Spooler service is enabled in Windows by default, Microsoft has released a patch for Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 and supported versions of Windows 10. read more

How to remove

What is is an ad-supported domain that might appear on your screen trying to convince you to click the “Allow” button and enable that site to send you notifications. Actually, it’s a result of adware whose main purpose is to spam users with offers to visit various shady sites. If the user accepts notifications, and its affiliates start to pop up all the time on their banners persuades them to various commercial sites: online casinos, adult sites, shops, etc. So in no way allow notifications, instead, you should completely remove adware from your system. Malware similar to is usually distributed bundled with free programs that can be downloaded from the Internet. This guide will help you to uninstall the adware and remove pop-ups from your browsers. read more

How to remove

What is or My Pdf Search is a fake search engine that may appear in your browser out of nowhere. Actually, these changes are the result of browser hijacker infiltration. Malware like this often silently enters users’ computers and alters the settings of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, IE, or MS Edge web browsers. Once installed, it sets the new tab URL and homepage to or You should know that My Pdf Search can display irrelevant search results to make users visit certain webpages most of which are questionable. Furthermore, it can also track your browsing sessions and collect all information regarding these activities and transfer it to 3-rd parties. We guess that these reasons are enough to understand that My Pdf Search removal is necessary if you want to protect your computer from possible damage. read more

How to remove The Global Weather New Tab

What is The Global Weather?

The Global Weather is advertised as a weather-oriented extension that allows users to check the weather forecast. Actually, this application is a browser hijacker that is designed to promote third-party sites and steal users’ personal information. After installation, it takes over the user’s browsers and makes unwanted changes to them. As a result, you see a page each time you launch the browser. Also, it starts pushing a “Show notifications” message which comes with two options: “Allow” or “Block”. If you agree to show notifications, you will encounter annoying pop-ups that will spawn directly on the screen and other activities. These notifications are the biggest income source for the developers of the program as each click the user makes on the ads brings profit. The worst thing is that they often are filled with suspicious content that causes redirects to malware-laden sites. Therefore, you’re advised to remove The Global Weather from your browser. To do this, follow our step-by-step guide. read more

How to remove

What is is a fake search engine trying to create an impression of a legitimate one. This one might be classified as a potentially unwanted program for its method of distribution. The thing is that it mostly infiltrates computers unnoticed together with free or pirated software. Once it gets on the victim’s computer, the PUP makes alterations to the browser configuration to replace default search provider and inject 3rd-party advertisements. We recommend you avoid using Custom Search as it can produce misleading results to make you visit untrustworthy websites. At the present moment, it is known that Custom Search can infect all most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Edge, and Safari. Our advice is to remove as soon as possible. read more

How to remove My Browser Search (Mac)

What is My Browser Search?

My Browser Search can suddenly take the place of your browser’s homepage and resist to be deleted. If you are experiencing this issue, then you have a browser hijacker installed. In most cases, it penetrates into users’ devices bundled with freeware programs, pirated software, cracks, fake updates, and so on. Following infiltration, it takes control of your browser to make user visit partner websites. This is done via altered search results, pop-up ads, and redirects. Since the advertising content generated by the virus is not checked in any way, there is a risk of infection by other unwanted programs. The only way to avoid this scenario is to remove My Browser Search as soon as possible. read more

How to remove MyCouponsmart extension

What is MyCouponsmart?

MyCouponsmart is considered to be a potentially unwanted program that mostly affects MacOS computers. It is promoted as a handy tool that can increase your online shopping experience by providing the best deals, promo codes, and various discount coupons. However, the real purpose of the MyCouponsmart virus is to redirect users to affiliate websites and generate pay-per-click revenue for its developers. Because of that, your browser will be filled with annoying advertisements and redirections. Be careful, these commercial offers are displayed in order to trick you into downloading rogue software or impose unnecessary paid services. The only way to get rid of that is to remove MyCouponsmart from your computer. read more

How to remove Mazy Search Virus

What is Mazy Search?

Mazy Search is a misleading search engine that may suddenly appear in your browser and resist to be replaced. The main culprit responsible for this is a browser hijacker. The browser hijacker is a type of malware that is used for link promotion and advertising purposes. Once installed, it starts modifying a configuration of the browser without the user’s agreement. After this, you will be forced to use Mazy Search to do an Internet search. Another unpleasant feature of this threat is redirecting – it can make users visit various affiliate pages causing redirects; some of these pages may pose a threat to your computer. Therefore, to secure your device and revert previous browser settings, you should remove Mazy Search. To do so, follow the instructions below. read more

How to remove Search Space

What is Search Space?

Search Space is a so-called “browser-hijacker” that modifies settings of Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, IE, or Edge browsers without user consent. As a result, the user is forced to visit every time he launches the browser. Since browser hijacker is used for income generation from advertising, you may notice an increased amount of pop-up ads as well as random redirects to commercial websites. Be careful, these commercial offers are displayed in order to trick you into downloading rogue software or impose unnecessary paid services. In some cases, it might trigger Bing or Yahoo redirect, and although it is a legitimate website, the user will still be provided with misleading results that can help you visit ad sites. Thus, the user can click on a link and end up on an absolutely irrelevant website that has nothing in common with the required one. The only way to stop such activity is to remove Search Space from your computer. read more

How to remove OptimumSearch

What is OptimumSearch?

OptimumSearch is a deceptive browser extension that can get installed without user notice. This is a potentially unwanted program that often comes secretly bundled with various free programs from the Internet. Following stealthy installation, it takes control of your browser to prevent a user from removing it. The main purpose of this browser extension is to generate advertising revenue by redirecting users to affiliated and sponsored material online. Furthermore, this program fills your browser with a lot of sponsored advertisements. In no case, do not click these ads since they may lead you to far from safe pages. Therefore, to secure your computer and revert previous browser settings, you need to remove OptimumSearch right now. To do that, follow the instructions below. read more