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What Is

This program is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by the way it infects the system. enters the device using the bundling method. This is a type of virus penetration in which a pest attaches itself to some free application and enters the system along with it without warning users. After that, the total implementation of advertisements begins. This is done in order to collect clicks and views from victims.
Clicks and views of pages promoted by the virus lead to a decrease in system activity and to an overload. And of course, ads are very annoying because they are displayed throughout the entire duration of the Internet. Usually, victims click on it unintentionally and each time they are transferred to dangerous pages. read more

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac


What is is a dangerous program that has the features of a browser hijacker. The name of this virus is the address of a fake search engine. Each of your requests to the modified search engine will be sent to a page named in the link page. This causes great problems and inconvenience in the Internet.

Viruses of this type are characterized by the method of infection. The infection promotes changes to browser settings to redirect victims to fraudulent pages. To double the profits, developers collect information about the personal data of victims using a virus so that they can then sell it. Browser hijackers primarily infect popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox. It is worth noting that this program penetrates exclusively into Mac devices. Infection assistants are advertisements. displays banners, polls, coupons for users to click on them. This overloads the Mac and reduces the activity of the work. read more

How to remove ProductiveRotator adware from Mac

What Is ProductiveRotator?

ProductiveRotator is malware for Mac. This application is of an advertising type because it enters the system using the picking method. This is a method in which viruses attach themselves to some applications, most often free of charge, so that the probability of penetration is high. One of ProductiveRotator’s distribution methods is fake Adobe Flash Player updates.
After infiltrating the system, ProductiveRotator carries out intrusive advertising campaigns and changes browser settings to promote fake search engines. is a fake search engine promoted by ProductiveRotator . The modified search engine redirects victims’ requests to the pages of fraudulent sites. These unwanted redirects and constant advertisements reduce the activity of your Mac read more

How to remove

What Is is a viral website that tries to get victims to allow them to show notifications. Virus will display a pop-up window after insertion and will press the “allow” button to show notifications. Usually, notifications do not cause users to feel alarmed. We warn you that scammers create such programs in order to infect systems by fraudulent means. Ads, notifications, polls, banners are things with which this virus infects the system and reduces its activity due to the amount of unnecessary information read more

How to remove ExpandedCommand adware from Mac

What Is ExpandedCommand?

ExpandedCommand is a typical advertising application for Mac devices. Specialists called it adware because it infects the system by injecting advertisements. Inexperienced users usually do not pay attention to constant notifications, thinking that they bring nothing but annoyance. Not with ExpandedCommand. This virus provides the system with a lot of notifications to overload it. Overloading the device will reduce its performance. It is worth noting that advertising overlaps the content on the screen, this brings serious tediousness to work read more

How to remove AnalyzerSource from Mac

remove analyzersource from mac

What Is AnalyzerSource?

AnalyzerSource is an adware virus program for Mac, created by scammers to illegally infect the system for personal gain. AnalyzerSource enters the system through various free applications. This is called the picking method . Some kind of pest is attached to the applications and installed along with it without informing the victims about it.

Users suspect that something is wrong when the main signs of infection begin to appear. This is an adware application so the virus infection tool is an ad. Scammers use ads to redirect users to promoted sites and collect clicks from views. This benefits the scammers but destroys the user`s system. The MAK system does not have time to process such an amount of information and advertising and starts to slow down terribly. From this, work on the Mac becomes worse and slower.
Another important reason why you urgently need to get rid of AnalyzerSource is data theft. Scammers collect data on victims in order to monetize them later and sell them to other scammers.
We provide you with two methods for removing computer pest: manual and automatic. If you are an inexperienced user or are not sure that you will not make a mistake, then we strongly recommend you use automatic removal. read more

How to remove LogicalUpdate adware from Mac

remove logicalupdate adware from mac

What Is LogicalUpdate?

LogicalUpdate is an advertising application for Mac. Programs of this type enter the system by bundling. Virus attaches itself to some free application and is loaded into the system along with it. Users do not suspect that by downloading some harmless game they will also receive infection from LogicalUpdate

The main signs of LogicalUpdate are displaying a huge amount of advertisements. It seems that advertising does not bring any problems other than inconvenience, however, this is a misconception. LogicalUpdate introduces so many ads that the system is unable to cope due to reboot. You will notice a significant deterioration in performance. Ads are accompanied by unnecessary redirects. Clicks on advertisements and entering queries into the search engine transfer victims to fraudulent sites. Redirects are very inconvenient when working on the Mac. The virus has the ability to track victim data. For example, the sites you visit often or your passwords. This information allows you to introduce more effective advertising and also brings profit to developers through monetization. read more

How to remove RecordEnumerator adware from Mac

What Is RecordEnumerator?

RecordEnumerator is a dangerous adware type virus for Mac. He secretly penetrates the system, hacks browsers so that all further actions are under the control of developers. Virus changes the usual search engine and redirects all requests entered into the search engine to unwanted malicious pages. This can lead to downloads of the same type of published applications and collecting views. Constant redirects and advertising from RecordEnumerator have a negative impact on the work of the Mac. It starts to run slower because a lot of advertisements and redirects overwhelm the Mac. read more

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac

remove browser hijacker from mac

What Is – this is the address of the fake search engine that the virus is promoting. This virus is a virus from the Mac browser hijackers section.

Browser hijackers promote fake search engines by hacking browsers so that all further actions are under the control of the virus developers. For example, a virus redirects all queries entered into a search engine to unwanted malicious pages. These pages either download some other unnecessary programs without your knowledge, or collect views. In both cases, this is dangerous for the performance of the system. Sometimes not only the system suffers, but also the confidential data of users, because virus collects personal information about users. If you suspect or know that has infected your system, uninstall this program immediately. read more

How to remove

What is

If your Safari, Chrome, or Firefox constantly redirects your browser to, you have a browser hijacker on your Mac/Macbook. The browser hijacker is a sort of malware that is used for advertising. The reason why it modifies settings of browser is simple – to trick users into believing they are dealing with a legitimate search engine. By abusing the trust of the people in that way, provides users with inaccurate search results putting sponsored web sites at the top. The desire of developers to earn money by promoting third-party sites is also expressed in constant redirects that will occur each time you browse the Internet. Therefore, there is a high risk to end up on a malicious website since there is no guarantee that all links provided by this PUP are safe. The only way to avoid this scenario is to remove as soon as possible. read more