How to remove Fire Search browser hijacker

remove fire search browser hijacker from mac

What Is Fire Search ?

Fire Search is a browser hijacker malware. It infects Mac by modifying browser settings (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) to promote the fake search engine .

This virus tracks the personal data of victims to collect information and sell to fraudsters. Fire Search spreads through fake Adobe Flash Player updates to trick users into thinking that their computer needs an update. Virus interferes with the normal operation of the system, it opens new tabs and redirects to without the consent of the victims. Redirects can download negative programs without your consent. Fire Search displays a large number of ads that overload the system and reduce its activity.
We recommend that you uninstall this suspicious application. read more

How to remove ApolloSearch adware from Mac

remove apollosearch from mac

What is ApolloSearch?


This is another program created by fraudsters to illegally introduce into Mac and infect a device using advertising notifications. Developers of the program reassign the browser home page, search engine and new tab URLs so that user is redirected to unwanted pages when they enter a query. Also, you will be redirected without your own desire when you click on ads. Advertising is a mandatory attribute of ApolloSearch because adware infects the system through advertising notifications.

Restoring a jailbroken browser is impossible without removing the software that affects it. This means that you need to remove ApolloSearch using the instructions below. read more

How to remove VideoBoxApp from Mac

remove videoboxapp from mac

What is VideoBoxApp?

This is an advertising type program for Mac. VideoBoxApp was created by crooks to infect Mac in a stealthy way. This means that the program penetrates the system by attaching to free applications, so that users downloading the application they need receive virus without their consent.

This virus introduces infection by introducing a large number of advertisements which, when clicked, redirects victims to unwanted programs. Redirects and advertisements reduce Mac activity. You need to remove VideoBoxApp to undo the dangerous changes to virus. read more

How to remove ExploreActivity from Mac

remove exploreactivity from mac

What is ExploreActivity?

ExploreActivity it is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUA) used to spread Mac infection. ExploreActivity spreads using a fake installer for Adobe Flash Player to create advertisements and promote a fake search engine. Moreover, it is very likely that this application is designed to collect information about its users.

ExploreActivity displays pop-ups, coupons, banners, polls or other advertisements to promote pages to download various malicious applications. These factors negatively affect Mac activity and facilitate theft of personal information. We will help you remove virus. read more

How to remove UpdaterSync adware from Mac

What is UpdaterSync?

UpdaterSync is an ad-type application that aims to infect Mac. This virus attacks browser settings, introduces changes and launches intrusive advertisements to promote fake search engines. UpdaterSync is considered a dangerous virus because it tracks information about victims for further sale to other scammers in order to benefit from it. In order to promote fake system addresses, virus displays pop-ups, banners, coupons and other intrusive ads on any site it visits. If you click on these ads UpdaterSync will redirect you to unwanted pages without your consent read more

How to remove ProcessBrand from Mac

how to remove processbrand from mac

What is ProcessBrand?

ProcessBrand is a rogue application that overloads your Mac by injecting advertisements. This virus is named an adware because of its ability to infect Mac through advertisements. ProcessBrand enters user`s computers without their consent in order to secretly attack Mac.

When ProcessBrand enters Mac, it performs a full system scan and attacks the browser settings. After that, virus floods the Mac screen with pop-up windows with information about errors that are actually not there. This is done in order to convince victims to click on notifications. It doesn’t matter which browser you use: Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, ads appear in any way promoting fake pages. If you click on these ads, you will be taken to the fake pages promoted by ProcessBrand.
You need to remove ProcessBrand from your Mac, because it not only annoys the constant display of ads, but also damages the system. Advertising and redirects significantly reduce the activity of the Mac. read more

How to remove MicroClick from Mac

What is FPMPlayer?

If your usual browser redirects you to third-party sites every time you enter search queries into the address bar, then you have malware installed on your Mac. MicroClick is one such program. Virus is a malicious adware application for Mac infection. Like all viruses of this type, MicroClick is installed on your Macbook along with a free application or a fake software update. Often, users receive notifications that, for example, Flash Player or is out of date and requires an update and provide you with a link to download the new version. Users follow the link and thus admit the virus to themselves. Please understand that most browsers update automatically! read more

How to remove InitialDevice from Mac

remove initialdevice from mac

What is InitialDevice?

InitialDevice is a malicious application for Mac. It penetrates the system and changes the usual search engine to display annoying ads. Usually, these are pop-ups, banners, text ads.

It seems that these are harmless ads and they will not be able to cause anything except occasional complaints from users. However, advertising is the basis for a virus infection. By displaying various pop-ups, the virus first of all reduces the activity of the MAK system due to the large number of ads, because it overloads the system. As long as virus is in MAC, it is impossible to get rid of the changes and stop redirects and advertising. read more

How to remove FPMPlayer from Mac

remove fpmplayer from mac

What is FPMPlayer?

The main problem with this virus is that it secretly enters the Mac system and changes browser settings without permission (the address of the home page, new tab and / or default search engine, to the address of some fake search engine). While FPMPlayer is in your Mac, it monitors all actions, which means that all these changes cannot be reversed.

Virus is an adware application because it displays ads (coupons, banners, polls, pop-up ads) in order to make redirects after you click on an ad. Often, users click on ads unintentionally, because various ads literally fill the entire screen and through they do not see the information they need. read more

How to remove DominantPartition adware from Mac

how to remove dominantpartitionpadware from mac

What is DominantPartition?

This adware type program for ma browsers affects Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE as they are the most popular users. Mac is much more difficult to attack through the Mac application than any other device (see Elementarytype, Digitalrecord, Wizardupdate, Consoleprogram). All of them come down to methods of infection and targets: being in all sorts of ways redirect you to unwanted pages.

DominantPartition will fill your system with a huge variety of advertisements (pop-ups, video / audio advertisements, coupons, polls.) Which, after clicks, redirects victims to partner sites. This program is completely unsafe, because it contains dangerous, large amounts of advertisements that reduce the performance of the system.
You will not be able to undo changes while virus is in your Mac. This article will help you rid your Mac of DominantPartition. read more