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If you are familiar with this message, then your system was attacked by ads. We will not lie to you and scare you with the fact that it is a very dangerous virus that will destroy your system completely. No. But you certainly won’t get useful things from ads. ads will change the settings of your system without your consent. You will suffer from constant advertisements. Ads will appear every minute to make you click, even if they are advertisements because clicks bring developers income. Constant redirects that lead to malicious sites will also shock you. Our article was created specifically to warn you against double danger. If you want to get rid of problems, read our article on how to remove ads. read more

How to remove RECO ransomware

How to remove Reco ransomware

What is RECO ransomware?

RECO ransomware is virus that recently appeared on the expanses of the computer world. RECO ransomware has not yet managed to capture a large number of systems, but it operates according to the usual ransomware virus algorithm. The goal of RECO ransomware is to infect as many computers as possible and encrypt all files. RECO ransomware marks encrypted files with the extension .reco, then creates a ransom note, which you offer help for money. Most often, users do not think about some kind of blackmail. They trustingly send money, so that their files become working again. Unfortunately, we want to warn you that these are false promises of help. RECO ransomware will get your money and leave you with problems. If you want to solve your problems safely, use our article to remove RECO ransomware. read more