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Your Computer Has Been Blocked is a fake notification that you can get while browsing the Internet. Sometimes the pop-up blocking the browser window appears on a random page, sometimes it shows up after a redirection to the connected website. The message is designed to scare people by stating that their system and browser have been hacked, which means that all user’s sensitive data and valuable information is at risk.

How to fix error 1618

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Error 1618 can be a total disaster, as it appears during an installation interrupting and canceling it. The error may prevent installation of such important and common elements, as Windows Updates, Java, and Skype. The error text states that there are more than one installation is launched, and that they should be terminated for successful continuation.

How to remove hijacker

No ratings yet. is a page thst continues to exist only to support a browser hijacker that appeared a year ago. And though the life span is not long, it has already infected thousands of systems and spoiled Internet experience to many users, so you shouldn’t pose questions whether is a legitimate page or not. However, the creators of the malware do everything possible to leave a good impression of their product.

How to remove ByteFence redirect

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ByteFence is not a virus and cannot harm your computer in any way. Quite the opposite it is an antimalware application that is designed to protect your system from threats infiltration. Nevertheless there are some disturbing features that make it an unwanted application. The reason of this claim is browser hijacker components included into the installation.

How to remove redirect

No ratings yet. redirection virus is a threat and an adware program that deceives users by claiming to be a useful web-enhancing application. It states that it will be of a great help to people who want to save money on online shopping, since it would provide the goods with best prices, their quality comparison and information about sales and bargains

How to remove My Safe Savings ads

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My Safe Savings is a disturbing potentially unwanted application which displays different ads in browser window once it crawls into the system. We can assure you that this application is nothing but a parasite that threatens the normal operation of the PC and delivers advertisement. It begins with collecting the information about user’s preferences on the Internet queries.

How to remove KMSpico

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KMSpico is a tool that is forced as a Windows activator from which users shouldn’t expect anything positive. Nevertheless, many sources claim that the application is highly malicious and dangerous as it can open backdoors for other threats. Usually it attracts users who want to get commercial software, including Windows systems, for free, so victims themselves invite malware components into their PCs.