How to remove CommonRansom Ransomware and decrypt .CommonRansom files

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CommonRansom is a typical ransomware virus and if you are not familiar with such type of malware, you should know that this is a dangerous virus that encrypts data on the infected computer and then demands a ransom. Although the ransom amount is not large = 0.1 BTC (~ $625.38), we still advise you not to pay them. The point is, a lot of people fall into the trap of this type of scam. There are a lot of cases where cybercriminals do not help their victims, even if they pay up.

How to remove

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If you are experiencing constant redirects to*** which in turn leads you to Yahoo search engine, then you have browser hijacker installed. This malware is created for advertising purposes and link promotion. Following infiltration, it takes over the browser, corrupts its configuration restricting access to the browser’s settings.

How to remove GANDCRAB 5.0.5 ransomware and decrypt files

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GANDCRAB 5.0.5 is a new version of the virus that kidnaps data on the infected computer and then demands money for them. This is the fifth version of GANDCRAB ransomware which has improved features to bypass installed anti-malware programs. Although this is updated variant, the main purpose has remained the same – data encryption as a way of blackmail.

How to remove Similar Photo Cleaner from Mac

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Similar Photo Cleaner is a bogus software which main aim is to flood your system with sponsored advertisements. This threat hijacks all of your web browsers on Mac computers, whether it is Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Once installed, it corrupts the browser’s settings in such a way that user will face a huge amount of intrusive pop-up ads.

How to remove pop-up ads

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If you are seeing*** page preventing you from browsing, then you have adware program installed. This page may randomly pop up in your browser asking you to enable notifications and if you do it, your browser will be filled with various ads prompting you to visit some sites or download fake software updates. Most of the advertisement leads you to suspicious domains and far from safe websites where you can get infected with some other adware or malware.

How to remove Linkey from Macbook

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Linkey is a fraudulent search page that shows irrelevant search results and collects users’ personal data. If you have faced this issue and you see page instead of your default search engine, then your system is infected with a browser hijacker. This threat affects all of your web browsers on Mac computers, whether it is Safari, Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

How to remove

5/5 (2) is a computer infection that overrides browser settings against user’s will. After that, it sets its page as the main and the only available one, so that a victim would definitely use this search engine. At first glance, it makes an impression of a serviceable domain, as the initial page of minimalistic design presents only a search bar and several quick-access icons to popular sources.

How to remove from Mac

5/5 (2) is yet another browser hijacker that has been terrorizing Mac OS users for quite a long time and hasn’t losе steam even a little. If this malware has already infected your computer, you need to know what activities it can try to bring. This threat aims for all of your web browsers, whether it is Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. After crawling into a browser the hijacker will block popular search engines and sets its own domain as the main page and the default search engine.

How to remove from Mac

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If you have recently noticed the change of the main page to and now are wondering whether you should use the new search engine or not, you should choose not to. The main reason for it is that the page belongs to the browser hijacker of the same name. Having it on your computer will cause redirections to the sites you probably would never visit willingly – the sources that are full of commercials and fake notifications.

How to remove TaxCenterNow Toolbar

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TaxCenterNow is a browser toolbar from Mindspark Interactive that belongs to hijacker group of malware. This malware is responsible for taking control over browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. It feigns to be a browser add-on and once installed, willingly or not, it starts messing up with browser settings and conduct.